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Accelerating Transitions Together

The Netherlands has what it takes to make the major transitions needed for a sustainable future. Civil society players are working hard to change the system. Companies and organisations are taking action, governments are adapting policies and much has been invested in scientific knowledge. However, to prevent the worst climate change, this has to happen faster! This is only possible if knowledge from practice and science cooperate more intensively.

The KIN brings all parties together. Together, we want to make a substantial contribution to accelerating the transitions needed to be a sustainable, climate-neutral society by 2050 as soon as possible.

What is KIN?

In the KIN, scientists work side by side with societal stakeholders. Together, we work towards a climate-neutral and -robust world. The KIN removes limiting conditions and counteracting incentives in the scientific system, enabling cooperation across disciplinary boundaries and beyond science. The starting point is collaboration rather than competition.

We facilitate conversation and collaboration between researchers, policymakers, industry and civil society organisations through our programmes, networks and events.

Similarly, we work with local partners to accelerate system transitions in a number of vulnerable countries. After all, climate knows no borders.

What We Do

The KIN works to accelerate the transition to a climate neutral and climate resilient world by:


Civil society parties sit with knowledge institutions in the PACT, which acts as a platform to share knowledge and exchange ideas. Moreover, the PACT contributes topics for KIN Programmes.

KIN connects, broadens, deepens, and unlocks knowledge for transitions towards a climate-neutral and climate-resilient society

Reflection on the second Make-athon: pitches, post-its & chips

On June 26th, around seventy enthusiastic policymakers, scientists, and advisors gathered for the second Make-athon at the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. The goal? To collaboratively develop adaptation pathways for five (eventually seven!) key themes within the new National Climate Adaptation Strategy (NAS). The energy and collaboration throughout the day were impressive, lasting well into the evening! This unique pressure-cooker day resulted in valuable insights and creative solutions, which we are eager to reflect on together.

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Our new steering group’s first meeting at the NWO office in Utrecht!

On 22 April 2024, the KIN Steering Group held its first meeting at the NWO office in Utrecht. The group, including Gerard van der Steenhoven, Eddy Moors, and Marjolein Demmers, discussed KIN’s current state and future plans, emphasising a demand-driven approach to research.

Key topics included building a strong network with societal partners, identifying problem owners, and formulating practical research questions. The group also highlighted the need for tools to support these processes.

KIN aims to strengthen partnerships and develop research programmes for system transitions, with the steering group guiding these efforts towards a sustainable future.

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Do You Want to Contribute to a Climate-Resilient World?

KIN connects, broadens, deepens, and unlocks knowledge for transitions towards a climate-neutral and climate-resilient society. Do you want to contribute to this as well?