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Accelerating Transitions Together

The Netherlands has everything it needs to make the major transitions necessary for a sustainable future. Societal parties are working hard to change the system. Companies and organizations are taking action, governments are adjusting policies, and there has been a significant investment in scientific knowledge. However, to prevent the worst effects of climate change, this needs to happen faster! This can only be achieved through more intensive collaboration between practical knowledge and scientific research.

The KIN brings all parties together. Together, we want to make a substantial contribution as quickly as possible to accelerate the transitions needed to achieve a sustainable, climate-neutral society by 2050.

What is KIN?

In the KIN, scientists work side by side with societal parties. Together, we work towards a climate-neutral and resilient world. The KIN removes restrictive conditions and counterproductive incentives in the scientific system, enabling collaboration across disciplinary boundaries and beyond academia. The approach is collaboration rather than competition. We facilitate dialogue and collaboration between researchers, policymakers, businesses, and societal organizations through our programs, networks, and events. Similarly, we collaborate with local partners to accelerate system transitions in several vulnerable countries. After all, climate knows no borders.

What We Do

The KIN works on accelerating the transition to a climate-neutral and climate-resilient world by:


Societal parties collaborate with knowledge institutions in the PACT, which serves as a platform for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas. Additionally, the PACT suggests topics for KIN Programs.

KIN connects, broadens, deepens, and unlocks knowledge for transitions towards a climate-neutral and climate-resilient society

‘Ofcourse, I would much rather see, that KIN is no longer needed in ten years.’

He has been officially appointed as the director of the Climate Research Initiative Netherlands (KIN): Michiel van den Hout. Earlier appointed as a pioneer to get the KIN off the ground. That mission has succeeded: at the end of November, the formal establishment of the KIN as a coordinating body became a fact. At that time, he already said he would prefer to see KIN no longer needed in ten years, ‘if we have truly made strides and become a sustainable and climate-neutral country.’

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Report on the First KIN Crutzen Workshop is Live: An (Academic) Reflection on the Crutzen Workshop

Today, we proudly present the Report on the first KIN Crutzen Workshop about the Crutzen Workshop. The report consists of an introductory essay reflecting on the workshop itself, insights from the Rathenau report, and transcripts of discussions and action plans. Simultaneously, the Rathenau Institute releases the public version of their report on this workshop. In this post, we summarize the key points of these updates.

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Do You Want to Contribute to a Climate-Resilient World?

KIN connects, broadens, deepens, and unlocks knowledge for transitions towards a climate-neutral and climate-resilient society. Do you want to contribute to this as well?