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The Latest Updates from the KIN Pact

The KIN Pact brings parties together to better share and implement climate knowledge in practice. But should the KIN Pact work in practice? To shape this, we have worked hard on the organization of the KIN Pact in recent months. We would like to take you through the latest developments and the outlook for 2024.

What does the Pact stand for?

The goal of the Pact is to share and develop knowledge to accelerate system transitions. The Pact is a network aimed at connecting knowledge institutions, governments, societal organizations, and businesses. Central to this is that the steering and strategy are also done by the Pact itself.

Participation can vary in levels of involvement. A central core group will determine the strategy and prioritize and categorize knowledge questions. Additionally, from the KIN center, we will facilitate participation through working groups on substantive themes. Finally, individuals can join the Pact as members, gaining relevant information and access to the network. Exchange is central to this. Participation means both giving and taking.

Current status

Since the official establishment of the KIN on November 1, 2023, steady progress has been made in establishing the KIN Pact. Rosa van den Berg has started as a full-time KIN team member and will lead the establishment of the KIN Pact. The Strategy and Advisory Board are being formed, and pre-registration for participation in the Pact is open. Contact Rosa van den Berg for this. With these pre-registrants, we aim to officially kick off the Pact in April 2024.

What’s on the agenda for 2024?

Meanwhile, we are certainly not idle. The upcoming spring is dedicated to the festive kick-off of the Pact on April 18. Until April, we will ensure the necessary infrastructure and the formation of a Strategy and Advisory Board that will work towards an initial theme for a Crutzen workshop and program. We are also gearing up for a larger gathering in the fall.

In 2024, the focus is on the further development of the Pact. We will open registration, launch working groups, and work towards a large-scale gathering in the fall. At the same time, we aim to formulate a concrete question that, through a Crutzen workshop, can lead to a KIN program.

Important to keep in mind: the Pact is a dynamic initiative. Therefore, we will remain flexible in responding to the needs of the participants and the ongoing developments in climate transitions.

How can you contribute?

Anyone who wants to contribute to climate transitions and the Pact can participate in working groups or sign up as a Pact member. Want to know more about becoming a member, pre-registering, or staying informed about Pact developments? Contact Rosa!

Connect with Rosa van den Berg: 06 83 64 90 44 | | Linkedin