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What We Do

The goal of the KIN Pact is to bring together and commit parties working on developing and applying climate-related knowledge, accelerating the necessary system transitions.

Currently, we are actively setting up the network and refining the best practices for the Pact. More information will be coming soon.

With KIN, we aim to increase the contribution of science to accelerating system transitions. We achieve this by connecting knowledge, institutions, and organizations at the national level, collaboratively identifying gaps in our knowledge and/or infrastructure, and enabling researchers to utilize and share their knowledge together with public, societal, and/or private parties. The KIN also advocates for additional research within knowledge institutions and initiates new programs where they do not emerge within the existing system.

This is carried out from a national center, operating with the support of Dutch knowledge institutions, where knowledge and expertise are consolidated nationally through KIN-initiated work programs and projects, and through a national platform: the KIN Pact.

Our Programs

The KIN facilitates various work programs, projects, and collaborations in different ways to accelerate system transitions. We test innovative forms of co-creation. We start small, try to remove obstacles, learn from findings, and expand further. Our aim is to build the KIN quickly but thoughtfully, in an open, transparent manner, together with diverse partners.

Netherlands Work Programs



Upcoming: Short-Term Programs

Do You Want to Contribute to a Climate-Resilient World?

KIN connects, broadens, deepens, and unlocks knowledge for transitions towards a climate-neutral and climate-resilient society. Do you want to contribute to this as well? Contact us.