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KIN Pact officially launched on April 18th

With a festive launch event at the Museon-Omniversum in The Hague, the Climate Research Initiative Netherlands (KIN) Pact officially went live on Thursday, April 18th. This means that societal organizations, governments, businesses, and knowledge institutions can now join the transdisciplinary network committed to accelerating system transitions.

KIN Pact: A network to collectively mitigate the risks of climate change by accelerating system transitions

To make the Netherlands climate-neutral and climate-resilient, systemic change is necessary. Governments, businesses, societal organizations, and knowledge institutions all recognize the urgency for change. While each possesses their own expertise, this practical and theoretical knowledge is fragmented, making collective action challenging. True transition requires the collaboration of these diverse parties.

The KIN Pact was established to address this challenge. By sharing, developing, and applying knowledge together, we piece together the puzzle. In doing so, we accelerate the transition to a climate-resilient Netherlands.

Joining the Pact is simple for organizations or individuals; it involves endorsing the mission of KIN: “KIN connects, broadens, deepens, and unlocks knowledge for transitions to a climate-neutral and climate-resilient society.” Membership is free and voluntary but requires active commitment. The Pact is for and by its members: you! To make this commitment transparent, each member creates their own individual ‘pledge’, outlining their contribution, whether it be time, resources, network, or facilities. As members, you collectively decide on the actions of the Pact, with support from the KIN team, of course.

An inspiring afternoon filled with knowledge and connection

The choice of venue was not coincidental. The Museon-Omniversum Science Museum is the first cultural institution to become an official member of the Pact. As a contribution, they generously provided the spaces for the launch. Incoming director Iris van den Akker emphasized in the plenary discussion that Museon, with its expertise in translating complex issues to society, sees the added value in connecting with practical experts.

While forming new connections may sound easy, it can be uncomfortable in practice. This tension was aptly captured in an entrance ritual, facilitated by Circus Andersom. Visitors entered the museum backwards via a 60-meter-long green carpet. Throughout the program, ample space was given for these connections. Through themed tables, attendees engaged in substantive discussions, laying the groundwork for the activities that the KIN Pact will pursue in the future.

KIN Pact Action Plan 2024

In March 2024, the prioritization session with the Pact Strategy and Advisory Board took place. The launch of the Pact marks a new step in its development and the beginning of the next phase: the phased initiation of working groups and activities. In addition to implementing the core objectives of the KIN Pact, the focus for the remainder of 2024 is on establishing clear organization and processes. We can confidently and proudly say that a wonderful start was made on April 18th!

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