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The goal of the KIN Pact is to bring together and commit parties working on developing and applying climate-related knowledge, accelerating the necessary system transitions.

Currently, we are actively setting up the network and refining the best practices for the Pact. More information will be coming soon.

What is the Pact?

To make the Netherlands climate-neutral and climate-resilient, system change is necessary. Governments, businesses, societal organizations, and knowledge institutions feel the urgency for change, but often lack the right knowledge and actionable perspective to bring about real transformation.

The KIN Pact was established to change that. By sharing, developing, and applying knowledge together, we contribute to ensuring that society as a whole has the right puzzle pieces to accelerate climate transitions.


The Strategy and Advisory Board is a group of 8-16 members representing the various types of participants in the Pact. The Strategy and Advisory Board sets the strategy, contributes to network building, and supports the organizational development of the Pact.
Participants in the Pact working groups develop and organize the activities of the Pact together. Pact members can become part of these working groups and play a role in organizing initiatives such as knowledge sharing and network building that support the mission of the KIN.


Pact Membership provides access to the activities and network of the Pact.

Membership is available for organizations and on a personal basis. Organizations can participate actively and help steer the Pact by joining the Pact Strategy and Advisory Board and Working Groups.

Membership will be available from April 2024. For pre-registration, interest, or more information, email Rosa van den Berg.

Do You Want to Contribute to a Climate-Resilient World?

KIN connects, broadens, deepens, and unlocks knowledge for transitions towards a climate-neutral and climate-resilient society. Do you want to contribute to this as well? Contact us.