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KIN Consultation meeting, feeding into IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Cities

This April, the IPCC working group 2 (Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability) will organize a scoping session for a special report on Climate Change and Cities. During this scoping session, the broad contours of the report will be decided. It is now known that Heleen de Coninck and Anne-Marie Hitipeuw-Gribnauw will represent the Netherlands in the IPCC scoping mission for the special report on climate change and cities in April. In the run-up to this event, KIN organises an expert-consultation meeting, feeding into IPCC scoping meeting. The Dutch delegation for the IPCC scoping meeting will be present during this event.


The goal of the consultation meeting

We want to give (urban) policy makers, NGO’s, researchers and other stakeholders the opportunity to convey which themes and policy-related questions they want to see addressed in the report, which dilemmas they face, and discuss which research and knowledge they seek to realize effective climate policy within their jurisdictions.

The KIN consultation meeting is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the Dutch input for the IPCC scoping meeting and ensure alignment with pressing policy-questions. Participants also get more detailed insight into the IPCC and its work processes, as well the chance to meet other relevant stakeholders. We strive for a diverse group of participants from various sectors in order to give a broad range of input towards the scoping meeting. Especially policy makers and practice experts are welcome. Later in 2024, the IPCC working group will be looking for authors and chapter scientists. They might use the expertise of this meeting as a sounding board. 

What the day will look like

What do we offer you on this day? Interaction with a large group of experts, each bringing their own expertise to broaden your perspective and knowledge. You will also gain a broader understanding of the functioning of the IPCC and have ample opportunity to contribute your input to the scoping mission. We will commence the day with a substantive framework and then proceed with mutual exchange on several predefined questions. Heleen de Coninck and Anne-Marie Hitipeuw-Gribnauw will be present on March 6th to receive input. Bart van den Hurk will conclude the day. The language of the KIN Expert Consultation is English.

The KIN consultation meeting will take place on Wednesday 6 March at the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam, between 10:00 until 17:00.

Interested? You can sign up via this link. Please note: we have reached the maximum number of registrations, so you will be automatically placed on the waiting list. We will inform you when we can confirm your participation. Thank you for your understanding.

Any questions? Please reach out to us at: